Senior Coach

Ebe Ghansah( Black Belt/Gracie Barra Braulio Estima Coach)supported by experienced purple belts.

Ebe is experienced in other martial arts, but is now totally focussed on developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He retired only last year from competing Internationally.

Gracie Barra Coach ( Black Belt Braulio Estima Team),Trained at Gracie Barra Main Academy (Rio Brazil 2005),
World Amateur Mauy Thai Coach Registered in Thailand 1993(Trained in Muay Thai since 1984),British Freestyle Wresting Coaching Qualification 2004(Level 1)
FILA( Olympic Recognised) Grappling Coach Diploma 2007,Qualified In Sports Therapy and Strength and Conditioning

Competed in 5 Brazilian Jiujitsu European Championships and World Masters/ Seniors Championships (Brazil)

Competitor -Europeans 2010 & 2011 Great Britain vs Brazil Brown Belt Teams(Vs Raphael Mendes(2010) and Augusto Tanquinho Mendes(2011) )
Bronze Medal in World Masters and Seniors Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2005 senior 3/blue) Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Bronze Medal European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2007 (Purple Belt Lt wt sen 3),Gold Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships .2005. (Senior 3 Feather wt (blue),Silver Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2004 (Uk Blue Belt Team),Bronze Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2004 ( Senior 3 Absolute blue),Silver Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships uk blue belt team ( hvywt)2004

Mixed Martial Arts,Semi Pro UKMMA competitor amateur andExtremeFighters show 3.0.1,2005 Amateur MMA UK Fightstarters Feather wt Champion- 3.0 .0 (Marc Goddard event Stevie B),KSBO MMA bouts ( 4 bouts),Muay Thai Bouts,11 bouts ( 11.0.0 mainly Porchester Hall BMTA events 1986-89),

Undefeated Taekwondo British Champion 1982,83,84,85,86,87,88( competed in over 200 bouts,1 Olympic Games,3 World Championships ,3 European Championships,Great Britain Olympic Games Competitor 1988(Taekwondo),Sombo English Championship bronze medal 2006

Freestyle wrestling and Sambo Wrestling Competitor

Competing in Thailand

Competing against 5 X World Champion Rafael Mendes