Take it to the next level: Try the No Gi challenge.


  • Achieve greater physical fitness
  • Define your BJJ game flow
  • Learn cutting-edge BJJ techniques

What Makes It Different

The No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu utilises the principles of BJJ – leverage, position, hip movement etc. – and employs a full range of BJJ submissions and defencesThe different aspect though is that all training or sparring is performed with the use of a “Gi” – The term kimono is sometimes used to describe the outfit, especially in Brazil. Training with No-Gi removes the option to take a hold of collars, sleeves and lapels and makes the art faster paced, more explosive and yet more mental. No-Gi BJJ is a great base for people wanting to compete in Mixed Martial Arts events and also helps develop a BJJ student’s game further, removing their reliance on clothing grips.


Gracie Barra is a perfect introduction to strength and conditioning training.  This class focuses on a mastery of the fundamental exercises and movements of the Gracie Barra programme.  We will ensure that you are learning perfect form and technique for each exercise. Through this class, newcomers to circuit training will have the opportunity to build a solid foundation before jumping into much more advanced and physically intensive workouts.  By learning the exercises the right way you ensure that you will receive the maximum benefit from grappling while remaining injury free.

More Information

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