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MMA EquipmentWhat do many of our members have in common with top BJJ Teams with respect to Strength and Conditioning… they train CrossFit.

 “If technical expertise in 2 fighters is level,strength and conditioning will be the deciding factor”.

”If strength and conditioning in 2 fighters is level,technical expertise will be the deciding factor.”

Simon Hayes Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach

“I don’t see why they need to be separated. I don;t care how much technique you have, if you are weak, you won’t be able to do jiujitsu. That doesn’t mean you have to be as strong as your opponent but you must be able to perform certain movements. If you don’t have good strength, you won’t have great mobility

Leverage is a good way to multiply your force but 10 times nothing is still nothing

I also like using strength to beat weaker guys and hear the contradiction that I only won cos I was stronger”

Leigh Remedios   MMA Coach


• The right mix of specific exercise modalities will help you on a sure and steady track to success – and are a basic building block in creating effective individual training programs.
• You will have the  chance to learn complex training systems in a simple, easy to understand format!

What Makes It Different

Body Weight Training
This provides you with one of the most comprehensive collections of exercises to develop the upper body, biomotor ability, and agility, as well as the practical application.

Medicine Ball
An old training tool explodes into action with a new attitude!
The progressions demonstrated offer a wide spectrum of exercise, from very simple exercises that everyone can do to advanced progressions that will challenge elite athletes.

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