The  Caporeira programme is tailored specifically as a core supplement to mixed martial arts training. The caporeira course is based on the fundamentals with an emphasis on breathing, asanas (postures), relaxation, and meditation. It is designed to improve the cardiovascular system, enhance overall flexibility, and increase mental focus. It is also designed to reduce the risk of injury from sports through proper body alignment and flexibility.


  • Excellent supplement to your regular training routine
  • Learn to relax and meditate to help with your performance
  • Improve your cardiovascular system
  • Enhance overall flexibility and balance
  • Reduce overall risk of injury
  • Increase your mental focus
  • Get rid of nagging health issues
  • Build strength and develop your core

What Makes It Different

At Gracie Barra, we want our students to reach their full potential. Whether you are an athlete or someone who is looking to achieve overall fitness, our caporeira program will provide you with an excellent supplement to your regular training routine. Through the postures that we teach, we will concentrate on improving your flexibility and balance, giving you a greater range of motion and body awareness. We will also help you build strength and develop your core, which is essential in any sport.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian mix of dance, fight, music, song, tradition, theatre, and more.

Nowadays, people from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds practice capoeira, and it is an excellent way to keep fit, develop self-confidence and meet new friends.

We believe the best way to learn what capoeira is, is to experience it for yourself through Capoeira classes.

When practising Capoeira Angola, it is important to learn about and respect its history and traditions –

Capoeira’s good for your body, mind and soul!

More Information

Capoeira is an incredible tool to develop a balance of strength and balance. It also brings the practitioner’s attention to their breaths, which helps to still the fluctuations of the mind, increasing focus and mental strength.

That is why capoeira is an excellent supplement for martial arts. It enables you to create a strong base to support every aspect of your training, increasing your ability to perform better and decreasing the risk of injury.