Intro Sessions

Our School welcomes everyone and anyone who is looking to get in shape, learn self-defence, and improve the overall quality of their lives.

To allow us to focus on those with a genuine interest, please book and pay online to participate in an intro session. The £10 is refunded to you when you become a member.

Please book into the Intro/Guest session using the link below (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and arrive at 7.15 pm, MMA intro Sunday 7.30 am.

For the last 5 years we have been on a booking in system and all classes must be booked and paid for online so that we can focus on the training in hand (no exceptions it is a 3 minute process which can be done on smartphones)


We ask you to book in to a session 15 minutes before the normal class time.

This will allow us time to establish your goals and aspirations and try to find out how we can best help you. It will also give you an opportunity to ask  questions and and for us  to show you our warmup movement patterns so that you can fit seamlessly into the main class.

Please also  call -07743 720034 to introduce yourself (no impersonal texts please)

Allow ample time to book in as there is a 30 MINUTE CUT OFF before the class. Knowing how many and exactly who is coming to a class allows the Coach taking that class to effectively plan for each individual coming to that class.

10 Reasons to Join

10 Reasons to Join

The Classes

Brazilian Jiujitsu Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 7.45- 9.30pm. Mixed Martial Arts include Muay Thai and Boxing Skills, Thursday 8.30 pm - 9.45 pm, Sunday 8- 9.30 am.

Every class concludes with different aspects of Gladiator Strength and Conditioning, Submission Wrestling or light MMA sparring.


We also  offer a safe and dynamic environment where you can learn a skill and, most importantly, get serious results from your training in terms of fitness, toning and conditioning.

As a beginner you are required to bring nothing but a will to train and an eagerness to learn as well as a friendly open mind to make your training fun, effective and safe.


We train you using all the techniques and skills taught to professional fighters. As MMA is the most demanding of sports, this means the skills of bagwork, padwork, skipping, speedball and optional sparring etc, give you balance, co-ordination, symmetry and focus, as well as great toning and fitness results.

The training at the club is suitable for everyone of any fitness level, male and female. Your first session consists of an assessment of your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve. Where you go with the training is up to you. Many people only want to do non-contact activities.


If you decide you would like to try sparring this is done in a very controlled and disciplined way with your instructor at first, and then other members, and finally there is the option of taking part in competitive bouts. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds and enjoy a new challenge, or see yourself topping the bill on one of the shows, you are in control. So if you are bored of the gym-chain experience, and are looking for a new and exciting way to achieve your fitness goals.

Class Structure

Includes the following components:

Warm Up – Stretching – Cardio Training – Circuits – Stand Up Training (boxing, thai boxing etc) – Ground Game Training (BJJ, wrestling etc)

The focus is always on training hard whilst at the same time keeping the sessions fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

What are the classes like?

Come down and see it for yourself! Our classes are dedicated to your FUN and FITNESS.

Who is your typical member?

Anyone who wants to have FUN, get FIT, and make FRIENDS! We have 3 typical profiles at our club: the fun lover, the hobby warrior, and the fighter. The fun lover is someone who wants to get fit and stay healthy by doing a fun activity (instead of going to the gym and doing another boring set on the treadmill). The hobby warrior is someone who loves martial arts as his/her passion outside of work. The fighter is someone who is an advanced amateur. At our academy welcome and encourage people of all skill sets, age groups, and sexes.

What about women?

Most definitely! In fact, some of our most talented students are women. All of our programmes are designed for both men and women together. We also have programs specifically designed for women. If you love having fun and want to get fit, then come join us!


Ebe Ghansah – MAIN COACH

(Black Belt/Gracie Barra Braulio Estima Coach) supported by experienced purple belts

Ebe is experienced in other martial arts, but is now totally focussed on developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He retired only last year from competing Internationally.

Gracie Barra Coach ( Black Belt Braulio Estima Team),Trained at Gracie Barra Main Academy (Rio Brazil 2005),
World Amateur Mauy Thai Coach Registered in Thailand 1993(Trained in Muay Thai since 1984),British Freestyle Wresting Coaching Qualification 2004(Level 1)

FILA( Olympic Recognised) Grappling Coach Diploma 2007,Qualified In Sports Therapy and Strength and Conditioning

Competed in 5 Brazilian Jiujitsu European Championships and World Masters/ Seniors Championships (Brazil)

Competitor -Europeans 2010 & 2011 Great Britain vs Brazil Brown Belt Teams(Vs Raphael Mendes(2010) and Augusto Tanquinho Mendes(2011) )

Bronze Medal in World Masters and Seniors Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2005 senior 3/blue) Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Bronze Medal European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2007 (Purple Belt Lt wt sen 3),Gold Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships .2005. (Senior 3 Feather wt (blue),Silver Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2004 (Uk Blue Belt Team),Bronze Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2004 ( Senior 3 Absolute blue),Silver Medal in European Brazilian Jujitsu Championships uk blue belt team ( hvywt)2004

Mixed Martial Arts,Semi Pro UKMMA competitor amateur andExtremeFighters show 3.0.1,2005 Amateur MMA UK Fightstarters Feather wt Champion- 3.0 .0 (Marc Goddard event Stevie B),KSBO MMA bouts ( 4 bouts),Muay Thai Bouts,11 bouts ( 11.0.0 mainly Porchester Hall BMTA events 1986-89),

Undefeated Taekwondo British Champion 1982,83,84,85,86,87,88( competed in over 200 bouts,1 Olympic Games,3 World Championships ,3 European Championships,Great Britain Olympic Games Competitor 1988(Taekwondo),Sombo English Championship bronze medal 2006

Freestyle wrestling and Sambo Wrestling Competitor


Angelo Beales

Brazilian Jiujitsu  Brown Belt and a Pro MMA fighter ,UKCC Olympic Wrestling Coaching Award

A qualified grappling coach and an experienced MMA competitor, he assists in the teaching of beginners and intermediate Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Since 2004 he has competed in virtually all the major Brazilian Jiujitsu and Submission Wrestling events as well as travelling to Portugal to compete in the prestigious CBJJ European Championships. He has also traveled to Brazil to train in the Gracie Camp and the Gracie Barra Academy in Rio.

Some of his achievements

10 MMA bouts semi pro and Pro,Silver medal 2010 British BJJ Open Masters Purple Belt,Bronze medal 2010 London BJJ Open Masters Purple Belt
Bronze medal 2008   UMA English Judo Open Groundfighting Open weight,Gold medal 2007 UMA English Judo Open Groundfighting weight Div
Bronze 2006 English Sombo Championships

Michele (left)  Angelo (right)

Michele Ghansah

Amatuer MMA League Champion (Seni open Feather weight) Brazilian Jiujitsu Purple Belt,UKCC Olympic Wrestling Coaching Award,ABA Boxing Tutor,Assists in the teaching of Beginners and Intermediate Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu, Strength and Condition assistant

over 9 years experience in BJJ,He started Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2002 with the then Gracie Barra Brown Belt (Sal Rangel who became the chief instructor at the Gracie Barra Academy in Rio )

Since 2004 he has competed in virtually all the major Brazilian Jiujitsu and Submission Wrestling events as well as travelling to Portugal twice to compete in the prestigious CBJJ European Championships, He has also trained at the International Headquaters in the USA and competed in the 2011 World Championships .

Some of his achievements

Amateur MMA League Champion 2012) Bronze Medal 2011 British Open Championships no gi Purple Belt   Adult Fea Wt,Silver medal 2010 Gracie Invitational Submission Wrestling (no gi )Adults Intermediates,Silver medal 2007 European BJJ Championships Open weight Div Blue Belt Juveniles,Bronze medal 2007 EuropeanBJJ Championships Wt Div Blue Belt Juveniles,Gold medal 2005 Gracie Invitational BJJ Juveniles Open weight,Silver medal 2004 Dorset and Hampshire BJJ Juveniles Open weight


  • Interchange House is the third turning on the right of Howard Way (where the concrete cows are), there will be a large placard on the grass saying “Interchange House. As this is a new business centre so you may want to use MK16 9PX.
  • Please drive to the REAR carpark following signs for “I Play Golf “.
  • Park outside white door which has a Gracie Barra and CrossFit Milton Keynes sign.
  • Walk through the white door past “I play golf” and we are 100 metres on the LEFT at the end of the Corridor.