Ben Duncan Jones

(Purple Belt)

Major Awards

  • 2004 SENI Grace Invitational – Silver (White)
  • 2006 European Open – Bronze (Blue)
  • 2008 SENI Grace Invitational – Gold (Blue)
  • 2012 British Open – Silver (Blue)
  • 2016 British Open – Bronze (Purple)

Grading Timeline

  • Started 2003
  • Blue Belt 2006
  • Purple Belt 2016


  • Tae Kwon Do – Black Belt & certified assistant coach
  • Hapkido – ungraded
  • Muay Thai – ungraded
  • Muricio Gomes seminar
  • Carlos Gracie jnr. seminar
  • Braulio Estima seminar
  • Renato Migliaccio seminar
  • Ze Radiola Migliaccio seminar
  • Jean-Francois Court seminar (wrestling)

Get to Know Ben Duncan Jones

What would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island (no mobile or friends/family)?

1001 recipes for coconuts.

Describe your perfect Day that does not involve BJJ.

Saturday morning Olympic lifting and CrossFit, then a relaxing brunch with my family.

Where do you most want to travel apart from the obvious …Brazil, but have never been?


What is your favourite memory about training?

So many, but in BJJ: Royce Gracie refereeing one of my first ever competition matches, having Braulio and Victor Estima, Ze Radiola and many of his other students teach us in MK. But, most of all the positive impact practicing martial arts (regardless of style) has had on my life, physically and mentally.

What is your favourite Film? What is your favourite book?

Favourite film: Conan the Barbarian

Favourite book: A Song of Ice and Fire – George RR Martin

What was your favourite technique in BJJ/MMA /Wrestling?

Triangle choke.

What has been your biggest challenge in martial arts?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

What is your biggest success up until now?

Seeing my daughter start her martial art journey.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

The Heroic Age of Greece, roughly 1400 to 1100 BC.

How would your friends describe you?

Easy going.