Angelo Beales

(Brown Belt)

Brazilian Jiujitsu  Brown Belt and a Pro MMA fighter ,UKCC Olympic Wrestling Coaching Award
A qualified grappling coach and an experienced MMA competitor, he assists in the teaching of beginners and intermediate Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Major Awards

10 MMA bouts semi pro and Pro,Silver medal 2010 British BJJ Open Masters Purple Belt,Bronze medal 2010 London BJJ Open Masters Purple Belt
Bronze medal 2008   UMA English Judo Open Groundfighting Open weight, Gold medal 2007 UMA English Judo Open Groundfighting weight Div
Bronze 2006 English Sombo Championships

Grading Timeline

  • Started Nov 2007
  • Blue Dec 2009
  • Purple Jan 2013


  • Black belt Japanese JuiJitsu

Get to Know Angelo Beales

What would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island (no mobile or friends/family)?

  • Desert island survival book

Describe your perfect Day that does not involve BJJ.

  • Early morning gym session, afternoon nap and a pint in the local pub.

Where do you most want to travel apart from the obvious …Brazil, but have never been?

  • Japan

What is your favourite memory about training?

  • Coming away knowing I had learned something new or had helped someone else on there jiu jitsu journey.

What is your favourite Film? What is your favourite book?

  • Harry Potter (Book).
  • Any Bruce Lee film.

What was your favourite technique in BJJ/MMA /Wrestling?

  • Arm Drag / Arm bar

What has been your biggest challenge in martial arts?

  • Learning to control my nerves in a competition

What is your biggest success up until now?

  • Learning more each day and achieving the best that I can.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

  • Why travel back? I always like to move foward…. it would also be cool to watch England win the 1966 world cup.

How would your friends describe you?

  • Green, big, strong…. and you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry.