M1 J14 Boxing Info

(Currently for M1 J14 Academy members only)
Thursdays 7.30pm-9pm ,Sundays 7.30 am- 9 am

Initially started for our ex-boxers within the M1 J14 Academy who have trained in gyms such as the old Lonsdale gym in Carnaby street, All Stars Boxing etc, M1 J14 Boxing is slowly growing

We are a certified boxing training centre and a proud member of the Amateur Boxing Alliance there are no plans as yet to formally teach those under 13 years old

The main focus is recreational boxing (all those boxing must be registered as recreational boxers with the Amateur Boxing Alliance however… Are you interested in taking your skills to another level to become a competitive amateur boxer?

Again the first step is to register with the Amateur Boxing Alliance this registration is required for participants to spar (in the gym) and as well to compete in Boxing sanctioned events and matches. Our amateur boxing programme is highly structured and quite demanding, requiring discipline, commitment, and attention to detail.

Intro Session

To allow us to focus on those with a genuine interest this session limited to the maximum of 4 people in the session and the session cost of is £10 per person.

Intro sessions are on Thursdays 7.30pm-9 pm and Sundays 7.30am – 9 am

Please book via the following link

The £10 is refunded to you when you become a member.

Please book and pay online to participate in the session. (Everything has to be done online as we do not have in-house payment systems – please don’t leave it to the last minute as there is a 30 minute cut off before the session to book in, this allows the Coaches to see who is attending and plan the session

Programme Benefits

A character builder as well as confidence booster, our competitive programme instills discipline, improves fitness.

Programme participants upon gym arrival start with 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up activities which from day-to-day can vary.

Examples of warm-ups include rope jumping, jogging, dumbbell/medicine ball exercises, calisthenics, speed bag work, line drills, shadowboxing, mirror exercises, and a host of other activities whether done solely or in combination.

Once warm-up is complete athlete’s proceed to doing 5 to 10 minutes of light flexibility training stretching all parts of the body. This promotes injury prevention, improves reaction time and fluidity of movement, to finally increase range of motion and therefore dexterity and power.

The next phase of training depending on the progression level of the athlete could either involve contact sparring, counter-punch drills, advanced shadowboxing, mirror or line drills, one-on-one punch mitt work with coaches, interval training, and or circuit training at various stations whether it be the heavy or light bag stations, floor or ring work.

Both the contact sparring and counter-punch drills require head-gear, a foul-protector, mouthpiece, and padded sparring gloves.

Starting with the sport’s fundamentals, athlete’s do not proceed to the more refined tasks until they’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to deploy the basic and or prerequisite skills.


Fundamentals include learning stance, directional footwork, and striking technique, initially to be done in concert with line drills. These drills allow for the combining of punches, head movement, and footwork to develop balance in motion. Once line drill exercises become proficient, team members then progress to shadowboxing, and or transfer learned skills to light and heavy bags maintaining proper technique at all times.

Upon effectively demonstrating skills on the punch pads, participants then proceed to in tandem execute offensive and defensive manoeuvres in predetermined sequences. Known as counter-punch drills, this exercise is supervised and requires necessary protective equipment.

Once proficient at counter-punch drills sparring is the next step, conditioning athlete’s physically and mentally for the rigors of competition. [Note: an athlete will not be entered into competition until he or she satisfactorily demonstrates an ability to be competitive during supervised training]

Training Gear

M1 j14 Boxing will guide you in the purchase of new equipment through online distributors. Required items include training gloves, mouthpiece, hand wraps, head-gear, foul-protector, (and competition trunks, jersey, and shoes if wanting to compete).